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Steps to Take

How to Become a Canadian Physician

1. Ensure your medical degree is recognized in Canada

      Check the following Work Directory of Medical Schools for your school. Note that your    

      school must have a Canada Sponsor indication to be transferable to Canada.

2. Verify your medical credentials

       In order to take the exam, you must create a account. This will allow  

       you to apply for exam and share your documents. A one-time fee is required.

       Add your medical credentials into your account. Your first step is to

       send a copy of your final medical diploma to the MCC for source verification. You can do

       this by clicking Source Verification Requests in your account and Creating a New SVR.

       Once this is completed you can share your credentials within your account with other

       provinces territories in Canada.

3. Take the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exam (Part I)

       The exam is taken online, and you can register through your account.

       You will not be able to take the exam until you have submitted a Source Verification (SVR).




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