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We care about the physician, the placement, and the community/clinic/hospital.  We determine the needs of a physician, review their qualifications and guide them in the process to seek a placement.  We work with the clinic/hospital/community to determine their needs and seek to align the best fit possible. We prefer to get to know our physicians and the locations seeking a placement in order to build long standing relationships. 


Trudy Carrels
Founder and President
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Trudy understands both urban and rural needs for physician placements having lived and worked in both in various geographical locations.  She was a partner in an International Physician Recruitment firm with offices in Canada and South Africa, that worked with physicians and clinics/health regions across Canada.  Values of relationship building and integrity made Trudy decide to leave the organization over 20 years ago and started Global Physician Placement.   Values of open honest communication, commitment, support and professionalism are important to Trudy in working with both sides to seek a good placement fit.  These values translate into higher success for both the physician and the clinic/community/hospital seeking a physician for placement for long term.  This is achieved by understanding what is important to a physician for a good long term fit and working with the goal of happiness quotient for the physician and their family.  Taking time to understand the needs on both sides increases and improves the long term success of a placement.

Trudy’s personal journey to be part of the solution for physician needs began when her oldest daughter at age 4 became very ill and was un-diagnosed for a long period of time.  The rural clinic they were closest to did not have a consistent physician to attend to her daughter's needs,  and she fell through the cracks.  This resulted in a dramatic journey of health decline of her daughter, which resulted in Trudy sleuthing for possible tests to help determine and ascertain support from the clinic who was short doctors to meet the needs of the community.  It was at this time, it became evident to Trudy that it was time to become part of the solution however possible to help others in similar situations.

Tessa Verhesen
Physician Coordinator & Administrator

Tessa has a Double Major in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Lethbridge, as well as a Masters in Biotechnology from University of Calgary. She is a 2 time recipient of the NSERC grant for research at the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience. Her experience working in the medical research field and volunteering at Chinook Regional Hospital has given her a passion for patient care and seeking an improved medical system. She was nominated for the Gold Medal Award in Neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge.

Brianna Baart
Business Operations Specialist

Brianna has her Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Victoria in Biomedical Engineering. She has experience working in various research institutes, hospitals, and industry. She was most recently involved in the start-up of a medical device company that aims to make the epidural procedure safer. She is the University of Victoria 2017-18 Co-op Student of the Year, recipient of the BC Tech Innovation Award and IEEE Gold Medal in Biomedical Engineering.

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