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Hospital Staff

Placing Physician's Successfully Across Canada

Serving Physicians Internationally


We place physicians in clinics, hospitals and communities across Canada and internationally.


Relationships matter and our reputation is essential to that success. GPP has been built on referrals, and we continue to operate with that vision. We have successfully placed physicians across Canada for 20 years.



Physicians and Specialists.

Clinics, hospitals, communities, and organizations seeking physicians for placement.

*Coming soon - RN's, LPN's


Who We Are

At Global Physician Placement, we care about the physician. We value trust, care, quality and integrity.  We regard our success by building relationships and understanding the needs of both parties. We have been blessed and fortunate to work with referrals on which the platform of our business is built upon.


  Our goal is to care about the process and provide support. We believe our reputation is our success.  As professionals, we support the physician by guiding them through the process of placement as we get to know and understand a physician’s needs as they seek a placement for themselves and/or their family. For the clinic/hospital/community seeking a physician, we do our best to understand their needs and find a physician that fits.  For over 20 years, our goal remains the same. To seek the best placement fit that ensures long term success for our physicians and communities.

We care about you and the journey!

Alberta Venture, a business magazine interviewed Trudy Carrels of Global Physician Placement (GPP) and featured the company as a “One of a Kind” business.

"Serving you with Care"


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